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Efrosini Kristalli

Founder and CEO of CRYSTAL Construction Engineering |Civil Engineer BSc


Our work is not limited to Content Creation. We also provide counseling. The supply of audiovisual material is the first step but equal emphasis should be put on managing that content.

We provide suggestions for the best content management possible since we know how hard and time-consuming the process of picking the right picture, video, or caption can be. We make sure these features increase your audience’s interest in your brand’s content.


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Quality footage is


True, but not with Teramok. We have achieved great discounts in the production of corporate videos. We provide equipment for cinematic films but, above all, we provide technical skills and experience. Audiovisual content is the best way to promote your brand and its services.

In Teramok we carefully design content considering the concept and style that best reflects each client’s unique identity and features. We collaborate interactively with our clients in Crystal Construction to create video content. Our goal is to exceed ourselves creatively each month. To that end, we work hard devoting hundreds of hours in editing and producing video content.


You can see more of our filmmaking projects in our portfolio.