Our founder, Kirill Samarits had been creating content for businesses since 2015, but it wasn’t until 2019 that he set up this brand, keeping an eye on the needs and demands of the current market. He put together our team under the vision to continue doing what we had always been doing best: creating content for businesses and public figures.

We are not another impersonal and formal advertising company. We are artists who provide both the content and technical know-how according to the current demand and our customers’ needs.

We are content creators with content management skills.

The digital era is no longer a far-fetched concept, but rather the new reality which has brought about new needs. In business and marketing, one of these needs is the visual material, whether that may be one picture or 24 frames per second. This is the content we are called to create.

What exactly do we do today?

We started off by creating content for businesses in need of our services. Along came the need to manage that original material on behalf of our clients. Today, our team consists of photographers & filmmakers, content creators with social media marketing and sales skills.

Our team

We are photographers and filmmakers with knowledge of social media marketing and sales skills.
We are your content creators.

Kirill Samarits was born in Russia in 1994. He was initially introduced to the world of photography and filmmaking during his period of studying in the Department of Digital Systems. He soon decided to follow his passion for photography and filmmaking. His commendable progress earned him a certificate in Portrait Photography by the New York Institute of Photography in 2016.  He has been working as a professional photographer ever since, collaborating with well-known models, magazines, and fashion brands, splitting his time between Greece and the US.

Near that time, he decides to launch his firm, Teramok, since he’s had a strong presence on social media, creating content for companies and influencers. Today, he is actively involved in all his professional activities and always strives to expand his skills and improve his and his team’s services. 

You can have a closer look at his work on www.kirillsamarits.com